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Welcome to our website salvatoresorrentino.it
These terms of use set this website access and use. The access and the use conditions , like our products purchase, presume the reading, the knowing and the approval of the terms of use below.
These conditions can be modified or revised upon notify, and the changes produced are binding from the moment of publication. Therefore we invite users to take a look at the following conditions before purchase.
To have support, visit FAQ section, where you will find informations about orders, shipments, refunds and return of the purchased goods, website enrollement form , and any other information or advice about our services.
You will find any other legal information at Terms of Sale, Return Policy and Privacy Policy sections.
All these website contents, as for example any project, image, picture, dialogue, music, sound, video, document, drawing, illustration, logo and any other kind of material, in any format, web pages included , website design, colors, graphic design, diagrams, plans, characters, lay out, methods, processes, functions and software ARE PROTECTED BY COPYRIGHT AND ANY OTHER INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT.
The partial or total reproduction in any form of www.salvatoresorrentino.it and its contents is forbidden without written consent from brand and from website owner company.


Privacy policy is applied to any user that accesses the website and uses its services, too, even without purchasing any product.
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Anyone is intrested in activating home page and web pages’ links, widely accessible, can contact Giansa S.r.L. Company, using contact terms . Contact is needed for hyperlink consent request. Links´ activation is free and not exclusive. Giansa S.r.L. Company is entitled to deny the activation of links to its website if the claimant had unfair or unusual commercial activity before, as unfair competition , or when there’s the possibility that this unfair practice can be adopted for the future, or when the claimant has adopted in the past, and so he can adopt for the future, discreditable deeds for Giansa S.r.l. Company, for its website and its services. In any case, is forbidden any deep hypertext links ( as deep frames or deep links) activation, or not authorized meta tags, without the owner company’s consent.

Terms of sale

The products on www.salvatoresorrentino.it website are from Giansa S.R.L. Company that is registered in the Companies Registration List of Salerno, P.I. 03460420650. The legal head office is in Cava dei Tirreni, provinca di Salerno, Via Tr. F. Vecchione, 6 – Italia (“Salvatore Sorrentino”).
The e-mail address is commerciale@salvatoresorrentino.it – Phone numbers: +39 089 930 9084 | +39 329 9363843 |+39 346 3568090.
Purchases done by e-commerce website are regulated by italian law and by current contractual conditions at the moment of the order in “terms of sale”.
In respect of all disputes relating to all web purchases’ conclusion, interpretation and execution, italian judicial system will have the exclusive jurisdiction.
Customers and orders
Salvatore Sorrentino ‘s trade policy is to sell goods by e-commerce on its website only to final customers. This means that the “final customer” is a natural person who is not involved in profit-making business activities for himself or third party. If you aren’t a final customer, please don’t use services to buy products on this website. Otherwise, our company is authorized to reject any order from other subjects or any other order not in agreement with these Terms of Sale and Terms of Use.
We can axcept orders only from these countries ( every country has its price list and its shipping charges): Italy, France, Spaign, Germany, UK, Austria, Belgium, Danmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Russia Federation, Finland, Luxembourg, USA, Switzerland, Poland, Romania, Portugal, Ireland, Bulgaria, Croatia, Japan, South Corea, Canada.
The maximum order amount is € 10.500,00, otherwise the order can’t be axcepted. In any case, Salvatore Sorrentino can’t process orders if is not possible to check address and shipping informations truthfulness or if the order is for dealing purposes. In this case, the purchase agreement is immediately nullified with a simple e-mail notice.
Purchase prices will be specific for every country and they will include taxes. The Company can apply discounts or promotions on its products , so the price can be changed. Customers can find product’s main features desciption and price in its data sheet on the website, where they have to access to order.
Products ‘ immmages can be slightly different, especially for colors, due to photographic flashes.
Shipping costs are charged for e-commmerce user, and they will be specified at the moment of the purchase. Salvatore Sorrentino commits to stipulate a shipping contract with a primary company to guarantee his customers right conditions.
The USER can:
– Indicate an other shipping address different from order’s account holder address (but in the same country);
– Has to indicate a shipping address where there’s always someone who can take the delivery;
– Salvatore Sorrentino usually sends in a 48h after receiving payment confirmation receit. Anyway, the customer (user) always receives an e-mail order confirmation, in which is contained the
shipping company name and the tracking code to verify the delivery state. In any case, Salvatore Sorrentino is not responsible for failed deliveries or delay due to wrong addresses, lack of a person to take the delivery or any other mistake due to uncomplete informations from the user.
– If the parcel will not arrive within 10 working days, starting from the order confirmation’s date, user can contact Salvatore Sorrentino’s customer service directly. The company will check any problem contacting the shipping company. However, ordered goods will be delivered to the user as soon as possible or, in any case, within law terms ( ai sensi dell’articolo 61 del Codice del Consumo 30 gg dalla Data di Consegna).
The user has to complete website order procedure in all its parts and confirm payment to conclude the purchase contract. Orders from other countries not mentioned in the list above or not in accordance with these instructions, can’t be axcepted in any case.
Orders’ procedure and general informations
Before filling out the order, user has to access to FAQ area, where he can find Salvatore Sorrentino’s identity, address and e-mail to contact the company, shipping costs and any other useful information about purchase’s contract, right of withdrawal, return’s timeframe and modalities, general conditions ( that user can save and stamp).
In FAQ area user can also find further informations about contract conclusion instructions and technical ways to correct any mistake in the orders before sending it.
During order fill out procedure, there are some reiterative informations about product’s features, price, shipping costs, delivery terms and payment.
Orders’ fill out and responsabilities
To complete purchase agreement, order fill out and on -line payment have to be done following the procedures specified in the website. User is responsible about supplied data during order fill out and payment procedures. In any case Salvatore Sorrentino will not be responsible for orders sended by mistake, and will go forward following the standard procedure for orders, payment included.
If during order fill out and contract conclusion, user realize that the price of one or more products he wants to select for a future purchase have a much lower price than normal price, net of discounts and promotions applied in that moment, due to an obvious website ‘s technical problem, he’s asked not to complete his purchase order and to report this error to the customer service at this e-mail address commerciale@salvatoresorrentino.it
If user has completed his purchase order and one or more products included in it have a much lower price than normal price, net of discounts and promotions applied in that moment, due to an obvious website ‘s technical problem:
a) If the user has not received the delivery yet, Salvatore Sorrentino will nullify the order and the delivery of ordered products and, at the same moment, will send a communication at user’s e-mail address and will refund the amount paid by the user (shipping costs included) .
However, Salvatore Sorrentino will refund the customer within 14 days from the order annulment, using the same terms of payment used by the customer’s starting transaction modality.
b) If the user has received the delivery,Salvatore Sorrentino will instantly send an e-mail to warn the user about the mistake and give him the possibility to refund the amount corresponding to the difference between the right product price and the wrong price that was in the order; or he can nullify his order, following thee-mail instructions and giving back received products to Salvatore Sorrentino within 14 days. In this case, Salvatore Sorrentino will pay for th shipping return costs. The user has to give back to Salvatore Sorrentino the products without damages and with all its parts and accessories ( labels included), instructions or manuals, original packing materials and guarantee, with return form filled out in all its parts that you will find attached to the same e-mail comunication sended by Salvatore Sorrentino.
Contract conclusion
At last, the contract is concluded when Salavatore Sorrentino receives the order confirmation and the payment transaction, before data’s accuracy check. Salvatore Sorrentino has the authority to reject the purchase order sending an e-mail communication within 2 days from receiving it if there are wrong data or not valid credit card code.
Products unavailability
If products are no longer available on Salvatore Sorrentino’s shop on line, i twill be noticed within 30 days from the purchase order . If the product has been paid, Salvatore Sorrentino will refund the amount for the product unavailable. In this case, nothing will be due as compensation for damages or for any other reason.
Legal warranty
Salvatore Sorrentino guarantees products’ compliance with their product sheet , that users can find on the company website, for 2 years as written in artt. 128-135 del Codice del Consumo (Italian Consumer Code).
Warranty is no longer valid for damaged objects, bad use, incidents, damages caused by water, solvents, wear, shipping damages and, however, damages caused by third parts, not due to product’s flaw.
Exept for fraud or gross negligence, damages that are caused by product’s conformable faults.
Moreover, Salvatore Sorrentino commits to give cusomer support even if the warranty is expired.
Payment terms
For on- line purchases, customer can pay only with: credit cards (Visa – Mastercard) Setefi system, Paypal or with a bank transfer.
The order amount will be charged to customer’s credit card only when shipment starts.
Salvatore Sorrentino’s website is not owner or responsible for processing of bank data or credit card data, because payments are externally managed ( by Setefi or Paypal servers).
The purchaser can withdraw from the contract within 14 working days from the delivery, without any motivation or penalty. Tocarry out the right of withdraw , the purchaser has to send a registered mail or a certified e-mail to giansasrl@pec.it with “product to be returned” as letter’s object, in wich he has to
claim his own will to return purchased products explicitly. Withdraw right can be carried out for one or more products. If the purchaser wants to carry out the withdraw right, he has to pay for costs and give back purchased goods in perfect preservation conditions, in their original packaging and with the label.
For the withdrawal, purchaser can follow the instructions in “withdrawal terms” in FAQ area.
When returned goods are delivered, Salvatore Sorrentino will check withdraw validity and will send a confirmation by e-mail. The purchase amount will be returned to the purchaser through the same method in wich the payment was made and within 14 days from the return delivery.
Exclusion from withdrawal right for personalized products
When the purchaser orders personalized products (special colors or special sizes exc.), by effects of art. 59 letter C of Consumer Code, they are excluded from withdrawal right.
Every purchase cotract between Salvatore Sorrentino and the purchaser in accordance with these general conditions will be regulated by italian law, especially from consumer code. In any case, purchaser rights are defended by mandatory legal dispositions of their country.