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Le tue iniziali marchiate a fuoco

Un servizio gratuito per i nostri clienti. Al momento dell’acquisto inserisci le iniziali nell’apposito campo, le marchieremo a fuoco sul prodotto che hai scelto così da renderlo unico.
Un’ idea fantastica anche per rendere un regalo originale.

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Genuine Leather

Genuine Leather

Salvatore Sorrentino chooses for his collections only “vegetable tanned” leathers, certified by the consortium “Pelle al Vegetale” ( ) which guarantees the total absence of toxic substances. These chemical substances are very harmful both for man and the environment. Vegetable tanning is a prodigious process, an alchemy of ingredients entrusted to the skilled hands of tanners. They dose the mixtures of natural tannins extracted from plants, which are mixed with pure Tuscan water. It is a process that requires patience and experience. The result is a natural leather that never goes out of fashion, dedicated to those who are looking for high quality and a style that becomes personalized with time. All Salvatore Sorrentino products are made with this noble material, therefore they are Eco Friendly products.

Costiera amalfitana, Amalfi coast, Paesaggio, texture, mare,

The sea always with you

the sea always with you

"The coast inside”, this is how Salvatore Sorrentino called his custom lining; a geometric design born from the expert hands of Studio Motive, which depicts the typical landscape of the Amalfi Coast characterized by a succession of small houses of different colors, which meet the crystal clear sea. The idea is to remind those who choose a product from the collection, a glimpse of one of the most beautiful places in the world.
The beloved coast is a source of inspiration, a magical place where uncontaminated nature descends sheer to the sea, creating breathtaking landscapes; just those that Salvatore Sorrentino himself admires from his canoe during the many excursions in this wonderful Italian town.


Olona canvas


Is a precious italian fabric hailing from Olona river’s area, from which its name. Its peculiarity is #RESISTANCE: even if It’s made of lightweight natural yarns, Olona canvas is very strong against time and wear. It’s especially used to make sails for example, Amerigo Vespucci‘s sails. Mixing this precious material with classic vegetable tanned leather, Salvatore Sorrentino has created an exclusive collection, for those who love to stand out.